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  We are an all volunteer 501c3 organization. No one is paid a salary to foster or transport
or process applications. It cost money to rescue a dog and we can use all the help we can get! 
We know a lot of people love our dogs so much but can’t adopt right now.

 Now you can help us to help them by Sponsoring one of those waiting to be adopted.
You can sponsor an older or needier long term foster that has touched  your heart.
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of your choice, you can be thats special dogs sponsor until that dog is adopted. 
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If you would like to be a Sponsor to one of our loving dogs waiting to be adopted 
please send an e-mail to  I WANT TO HELP 
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Please don't hesitate to be a second sponsor if a dog already has one sponsor.
Many of these guys have so many medical needs that they need all the extra help we can get from loving caring people like you!

All donations are Tax deductible!!

Please mail donations to:
Furever Shih Tzu Rescue
c/o Davida Cohen
1316 Weidman Manor Ct
Ballwin MO 63011

Please visit our Sponsor Success Stories to read more about why we feel our sponsors to be our Rescue Angels!
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  Shalimar Female Shih Tzu
Ellie Female Shih Tzu
Our little Ellie had a terrible accident 12/22 and she broke her tiny leg in two places. It was unable be placed in a cast due to the nature of the fractures. She had the surgery and they placed a plate with pins in her tiny leg. The Surgery was over $2700.00 and she still has months of healing ahead of her. Update- Ellie is healed and has her cast off. Unfortunately the break occurred during a growth period so she isn't quite back to normal yet. She has to do water therapy to redevelop her muscles that atrophied while she grew with her cast on. But she seems to like the therapy and is a happy little girl! Updated - Ellie is running and jumping and using her leg most of the time. She only favors it when she is tired or the weather is cold, so the therapy is working well.Update - Ellie had a stroke and passed away almost instantly. She had 4 or 5 good years before that happened thanks to our wonderful sponsirs who helped with her surgery.
Dolly Female Shih Tzu
She was picked up as a stray & held at a shelter & we were called when her time was up to pick her up as she was too scared for them to place. She appears to have been a 'puppy mill breeder' due to her fear of humans, but is making baby steps. She wants to be near her human, she will follow both my husband and I around, she just is afraid for us to handle her. Update! She is around 7 or so years old now, has been here 4 1/2 years, but still doesn't wish to be touched by humans. She came to us almost totally feral & has made very great strides. She does like to be near her humans, but her instilled fear keeps her from allowing humans to touch and love on her. She usually does well with our dogs, although she doesn't play with them. She goes crate crazy so cannot be crated. She has learned that food and treats are good! The only time she will make noise is at dinnertime and she does NOT miss a meal or if she gets put in a crate. We know, when her mind allows it, that she appreciates the fact she has people who care. Not just us, her caregivers, but those who help by sponsoring her. Update - Dolly has had diabetes for several years now and finally went into renal failure. Her foster family want to thank everyone who helped her over the years.
Stassi Female Shih Tzu
Our little Stassi came to us from a Shelter in Lorain county and it was apparent that she was a PUPPY MILL GIRL. Scared, timid but there was never any aggression. She would freeze up when you would pick her up and try to jump out of your lap. We have been working with her and she is SLOWLY coming around. She is very healthy and her blood work is normal. Could you please find it in your heart to sponsor this sweet girl?
Frisky Male Shih Tzu
Frisky was turned into us from the APL from an owner that had neglected him for years. Terrible skin condition that is now completly healed. He loves to cuddle and go for car rides. He's a sweet little senior man that deserves a furever home. He is UTD on vaccines, HW neg, recently had a dental with all his bloodwork that was WNL. He is about 10 years old and would be perfect for a senior companion. Please sponsor or adopt Frisky!
Bobby Male Shih Tzu
My name is Bobby and I was dumped in a field in Summit county-It took three days for them to catch me. I was so scared and still don't know why my parents dumped me. I'm still a little shaken from this experience but my new home is very loving and I am slowly warming up to my new foster mommy. I REALLY enjoy being with another furbaby-I love to play and run around being a crazy Shih Tzu. UPDATE:OUR LITTLE BOBBY IS GOING STAY IN HIS FOSTER HOME FOR A VERY, VERY LONG TIME. HE IS SO HAUNTED BY HIS PAST THAT TO MOVE HIM WILL ONLY SET HIM BACK. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SPONSOR OUR BOBBY AT $35.00 A MONTH WE WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT. IT IS TAKING A LOT LONGER TO HAVE COME AROUND, BUT WE ARE LOVING AND TRYING TO HOLD HIM ON A DAILY BASIS.
Nicky Male Shih Tzu
This little man came to us from the shelter diagnosed with a Grade 6 heart murmur and he is only 11 months old. This didn't sound right especially since he was asymptomatic and we wondered if maybe this was something genetic that was repairable so we took him to Metro Vet clinic in Akron for an Echo. Dr. Hitchcock diagnosed Nicky with a secundum atrial septal defect and valvular pulmonic stenosis. She indicated that we should have him seen at Ohio state vet school. On 3/4/2016 We had Dr. Schober at OSU repeat another Echo and blood work. He found Nicky to have SEVERE CONGENITAL PULMONARY VALVE STENOSIS AND A LARGE ATRIAL SEPTAL DEFECT (ASD). Without surgery his life expectancy is about 2 years. OSU consulted with Texas A&M university about the surgery and found they were doing a clinical study for which Nicky might qualify. Nicky has a VERY RARE CONDITION and we were trying to save this little man but these heart surgeries are very expensive. Pulmonic balloon valvuloplasty would run about $3000.00 and the ASD closure repair would be about $6000-8000.00 dollars. We have been doing our research on both surgeries and very good outcomes are noted. These surgeries have VERY GOOD LONG TERM OUTCOMES. We were very excited when Nicky got accepted into the clinical study. What this meant was that the $6000-8000 dollar surgery would only cost us $2500 plus the travel expenses and followup care at Ohio state Vet school. So we decided that we would go to Texas A&M.for his surgery. Our National Director Davida also flew out for this groundbreaking surgery. TAMU and an human interventional cardiologist have been working together with wonderful outcomes on a Closure Device since 2009 but Nicky was the very first small dog that this procedure was attempted on. There was a whole Cardiac team along with an anesthesia team that came in specifically for our little Nicky. On 5/23 Radiographic diagnostics, Labs, and an Echo with a bubble study were complete. The entire afternoon was dedicated to Nicky. They had a 2 hour per-conference about the surgery. We all knew that the surgery would be very long and he would be under for an unusual amount of time. This is why the anesthesia team was brought in. When we received the phone call that everyone was cautiously optimistic but the next 24 hours were very critical. The following day more labs, chest x-rays and another complete Echo were done and we received the good news his vital were stable and the chest x ray indicated the closure device was deployed correctly. Still cautious but slightly more relieved. Then by Friday after 5 days of ICU he was discharged and given the OK to fly back home to Cleveland next to his foster mom on the plane. We are still not out of the woods quite yet. He will be on strict cage rest with no jumping or running for 6 months. This devise has to adhere to the wall of his heart and not cause a blood clot. He is now on Plavix daily along with a pill to decrease his blood pressure. His stitches will be removed tomorrow and he will be down at OSU on June 22 with the cardiologist for another Echo. We were so pleased to be part of the ground breaking research and Dr. Gordon's findings will be published along with long-term follow-up appointments. Also he will be in a veterinary magazine and when it is published we will let you know. UPDATE Nicky had a followup Echo at OSU and is doing well. He is on a new medicine that may reduce the need for a pulmonic balloon valvuloplasty.
Pippy Male Lhasa Apso
I was found wondering the streets totally blind and very, very scared. When a wonderful man scooped me up off the streets and called rescue. He did not want to take me to the pound knowing of my disability. I am recovering now after having both eyes removed by this wonderful vet Dr. Boris at WESTPARK ANIMAL HOSPITAL. I am feeling so much better now. I am very quiet and love my foster brothers and sisters. They have jingles on their collars and I follow them around. LOVE_LOVE_LOVE stuffy toys and will tip over the basket every morning to find the one that I want and when I am bored I go back and pick out another one. Mom is always picking up toys and putting them back into the basket knowing that I am just going to get into it again.! Please sponsor me!
Angelina Female Shih Tzu
Our little Angelina was one of four senior dogs that were left at a puppy mill auction in Ohio. She is a senior girl that had never walked on grass and had been so neglected and abused throughout her life we had to say yes to her and bring her in to foster care. Suffering from severe dry eye all of her life and not being treated she now is blind with her left eye that has shrunk into the socket. She was debarked and had her tail cut off sometime in her life. She requires tacrolimous drops daily and a special diet for her skin allergies. Please sponsor little Angelina. Thank you in advance
Molly Female Shih Tzu
Little Ms. Molly came to us when a vetinary clinic contacted us that the owners were going to euthanize this baby due to diabetes and they were unable to handle her condtion. We agreed to take her in. Within the first week we had her she was diagnosed with bladder stones and we had those removed. The day we picked her up from surgery she had to be taken into the emergency clinic for managment of her diabetes and infection. She was in to ICU for 4 days. Her Vet bills were well over $1100.00 in that short period of time. If you have it in your heart Please adopt this precious baby. She does need a sponsor right now to help with her medical bills. Without rescue angels we are unable to continue our work with helping these babies! Thank you in advance
Buster Male Schnauzer
Buster came into rescue from a shelter in western kansas. He had been picked up for nipping a child. They gave no details of why or how it happened, but his owners did not come to get him out after the required quarantine time. The director of the shelter did not want to have to put him down (which they would have had to do) so he contacted us to see if we could take him. When Buster came into rescue, he was quite dominant. He has obviously never had any type of guidance or discipline. He was allowed to run loose. When he was picked up, he had no shots what-so-ever, had never had any flea or worm treatments, nor had he ever been on any heartworm preventative. Of course, he was not neutered. Possibly a free to good home dog as pup? We will never know, but his owners did nothing with him after getting him. Not only did Buster need to be neutered, but he had to have a spay as he had an undescended testicle. The vet had to go hunt for his testicle as it wasn't near the surface. Of course, he was also quite matted and was sheared down. Buster has been here for quite awhile now, while he is excellent with adults, he should never be trusted with children. I'm not sure if he was teased by them or not, I sure wish he could tell me! He will always be dominant, but he has settled way down since the neuter & learning that he isn't our boss. He does well with other dogs as long as they do not try to dominate him. Thank you in advance
Mulligan Male Shih Tzu
Mulligan is about 12 years old now. During his neuter it was discovered that he also had bladder stones. During the surgery the vet discovered a lump and found that it is bladder cancer. Mulligan has been treated for bladder cancer and is now in complete remission. He is still happy and enjoying life and we hope he may have another few years He walks well everyday with his foster mom and is really happy to be with the other fosters.
Shaq Male Shih Tzu
Shaq is a little 3 year old Shih Tzu/Mix that was surrendered to us because his owner had moved and he was no longer allowed to have dogs in his new apartment. Shaq was reported to be house trained and he got along well with another Shih Tzu who lived in the house.
  Hallie Female Shih Tzu

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  Brandy Female Shih Tzu
This baby was left alone for several days at a time. She is so scared & has separation anxiety from being left alone so much. She also has problems socializing with humans & is so afraid of strangers. UPDATE: Brandy has been with us a long time now and is still unpredictable and snappy with strangers so her foster parents have committed to keeping her as a permanent foster until the end of her life, as we do not want to put her to sleep just because she cannot overcome her previous abuse. Rainbow Bridge Update: Our forever foster, Brandy went to the Rainbow Bridge today. We had Brandy for over 7 years in foster. Oh my, we will miss our beautiful but crabby girl.... But we know she is no longer in pain & is running free. Brandy, you will be missed and our tears are flowing. We will have her cremated and put her where our dog's ashes are, so she will always be with them and us. Brandy, may you Rest In Peace, and know you were very loved.
  Scarlet Rose Female Shih Tzu
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  Max Male Shih Tzu

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  Sunny Male Mini Schnauzer

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