Shih-Tzu Supreme

10/26/77 - 9/12/91

Loree Levy

Coco was many firsts for me: First dog, first Shih Tzu and first rescue. What can one say about a dog that was perfect? She was white and silver and the silver truly felt like silk. She had a crooked smile that always made me laugh. I could depend on her to be there whenever I needed her.

Happy times and sad, she reacted accordingly. We were rarely, if ever, apart. She had a direct line to my heart vein. She knew what I was thinking and was very sensitive to my emotions. Playing "sock" was her favorite, never wanting to stop. Cats to her were tasty, she always licked her lips when she saw one. (she never hurt one)

The fondest memory I have of her is when we went to New Jersey together in the late fall. Wearing her blue plaid coat I remember her "jackrabbiting" through the leaves, inches thick on the front lawn where we were staying. Bouncing with joy up and down all I could see is the white head (on a mission) come up and the blue coat followed behind. She was so happy.

I guess denial was great, as she aged I somehow didn't see it. Her kidney failed and I remember the night she left me in my arms, one last stretch. I felt her spirit leave and she was asleep. I LOVED HER SO.


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