Buttons Saga

And you thought only cats have nine lives!

by Donna Edmonds

My name is Buttons and I have quite a tale to tell you. I spent most of my 8 or so years being staked in a yard on a short chain with very little food or water. Most of my nourishment came from kind neighbors who would throw me their scraps when my owners weren't looking. It was a lonely life, but sometimes someone would come by and give me a pat on the head or a belly rub.

Someone has even told of a time when my owners got tired of me and threw me off a dam several miles from our house. Now, I always look for the good in humans, so after surviving that long fall into deep waters below, and swimming all the way to the shore, I found my way home as I knew it must have been an accident. They were just showing me how high the dam was, right? No one would intentionally throw me off the dam, would they? Well I did find my way home, several days later, and I thought it funny, as my owners had never fed me much before, but they put a bunch of food out for me. Luckily I was exhausted from my trip, and didn't eat much of it, because it had been poisoned, I am told.

After that I ran off again, and was found by some nice people who took me to the vet and got me treated for the fleas and ticks that covered my little body and the worms inside my belly along with the poison. They got me a nice haircut and gave me medicine to heal all the sores. But alas, they decided that it wasn't safe for me to stay there, as they had two big dogs who might try to use me as a toy in one of their games of tug of war.

So then, they contacted something called a rescue and took me over to a lady who had some other little dogs like me. She took good care of me and continued to heal my wounds and love me and feed me good food two times a day plus "treats" as she calls them. I had never had regular meals before, and always gobbled down my food. You never know where your next meal is coming from when all you have known is life outside and on the run. I finally figured out this was "normal" , but to me it was a blessing.

Then one day, after several months, another nice lady came and got me and took me for a long car ride. They called it a transport. I got passed on to several people along the way. I was to go to my new home. But wait. I've already got a home with a mama who loves me and 2 brothers to play with, and other pups who sometimes passed through, staying a while, then going on their way. I didn't want to go anywhere else. I finally arrived at this nice older couple's house and they fed me and tried to love me, but it wasn't my mama, and I wanted my mama back and my doggie brothers. So I made a plan to be difficult for them so that they would send me back HOME!!! It worked. In less than two weeks, I was on another transport on my way back. This time my mama and brothers met me and drove me back the last few hours. It was so good to see my family again. I had missed them so! My brother Freedom even shared his front seat with me, and he rarely shares with anyone. Guess he was glad to see me too. Midnight let me eat his treat as he was too excited to eat it.

Now I am finally home for good. My mama kept crying saying she was sorry she sent me off and she would never do that again. I am home at last! Thank God! Now if I could only talk in human or find someone who spoke dog, I'd probably even have more sad tales to tell you, but now my life is happy and that's all that really matters!


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